Saturday, July 29, 2006


Bad Day for a Rain Out

With several outdoor events planned for East Tennessee today (the Tomato Festival and GOP picnics in Sullivan and Washington Counties being amongst them), one would certainly hope that our long string of sunny days would continue.

Alas, on Friday at 5:00, the skies opened up over Knoxville and the rain began.

I haven't heard of any cancellations or the like, but I did decide to skip out on the Tomato Festival when the rain was coming down in buckets here in Knoxville. I'm watching the Doppler to see if it will be worth the trip to Sullivan and Washington Counties. I am starting to believe that it might be. It's a decent drive by yourself, but seeing my friends from the 1st District (and just maybe grabbing some Ridgewood BBQ) would make it worth the effort.

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