Monday, July 17, 2006


AP Story on Memphis Debate

Here is the first AP story I have read on tonight's Memphis debate.

It pretty much tells it like it was - Corker has been pummeled at each and every debate this year.

Corker's lack of presence, lack of answers, lack of backbone (how do you not ask a question of your opponents if given the opportunity?), and lack of explanations at these debates are just one reason that he will lose a head-to-head race with Harold Ford, Jr. in November if Corker is the nominee.

Hilleary, once again, was quite good. Van was only poor during Steve Gill's radio debate, but he has shown considerable improvement for the televised debates. Van's closing statements are the same as in his 2002 failed gubernatorial bid, though; I would have hoped that he would have come up with something else.

Ed Bryant was outstanding, as he has been for each of the debates during this campaign. I obviously have high expectations for Ed and feel that his position as the only actual prosecutor in the race should translate into debate wins, and he has lived up to those expectations.

I'll be interested to read what Mick Wright has to say about the debates over at Blogging for Bryant.

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