Friday, June 23, 2006


WSJ/Zogby Poll: Bryant Has Best Chance to Defeat Ford

Here are the results of the latest battleground polling completed by Zogby International and The Wall Street Journal:

Ed Bryant: 46%
Harold Ford: 41%

Van Hilleary: 43%
Harold Ford: 43%

Bob Corker: 42%
Harold Ford: 41%

So, now with this poll being the most recent independent poll, can certain people (Volunteer Voters, the state media, the national media) quit framing everything in a "Bob Corker is the frontrunner" prism? Because if Bob Corker isn't the frontrunner by now - a time when he has been the only candidate on the airwaves and having deluged the state with signs - then he's never going to be.

Can't we at least agree that this poll carries a little more weight than the Corker-bought poll that everyone is citing as proof of his frontrunner status, which is no longer the most recent nor was ever independent in nature?

Now we have to work on spreading the word to the mainstream press-as we all know, there are sheeple who vote the way the mainstream press tell them to.
I respectfully disagree. I believe all efforts should be placed on getting Van out fo the race, which in turn would give Ed about 85 percent (if not more) of the Van vote, which would put him ahead of Corker.
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