Wednesday, June 28, 2006


When Good Candidates Turn Bad

Family Research Council has the following story from Maryland:

Ehrlich Strikes Again

Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich (R) this week named 47-year-old Christopher Panos to fill a Baltimore District Court vacancy. Panos is openly homosexual. He has and his lover, with whom he lives, are raising a young girl.

This action comes just a week after Ehrlich fired Robert J. Smith from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. Mr. Smith had stated on a cable TV program that he opposes recognizing gay unions as marriages and that his Roman Catholic faith teaches that homosexual conduct is "sexually deviant."

Ehrlich moved quickly to dismiss Smith after his firing was demanded by Jim Graham, a D.C. gay activist, saying, "Robert Smith's comments were highly inappropriate, insensitive, and unacceptable. They are in direct conflict to my administration's commitment to inclusiveness, tolerance and opportunity." Ehrlich says he is guided by his "libertarian" convictions in these moves.

But this is not even libertarian. Ehrlich's gay appointee will no doubt rule on marriage, divorce and adoption issues in his capacity as a judge. Those judgments then will be imposed on all citizens of Maryland. Gov. Ehrlich's lurch to the left is deplorable. His firing of Mr. Smith is an assault on religious liberty and on freedom of speech. His election-year conversion to champion of gay issues is pandering at its worst. This once again highlights the radical impact that the Supreme Court's decision in Lawrence v. Texas has had on the country.


The fall of Ehrlich is disappointing on many levels. I remember the excitement that surrounded his entrance into the Maryland governor's race. He was a friend of my grandfather, who resides in Maryland. Ehrlich was a Republican with some conservative credentials who won in a state that is not friendly to either Republicans or conservatives. Ehrlich's recent antics have shown how even the best looking of candidates - even those we know and trust - can disappoint in a hostile environment.

I suspect that it is these type of pressured decisions that will come to light in Mitt Romney's presidential bid and, ultimately, will doom his candidacy.

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