Friday, June 02, 2006


Telling Actions on the U.S. Border

Blogging for Bryant has the scoop of Ed Bryant's trip to the U.S./Mexico border this week, where he is helping the Minutemen build fences on private land in an effort to halt illegal immigration. It is a highly recommended read.

My preference, though, is Ian Berry's short article from the Chattanooga Times Free Press. It covers all three candidates, and you can see how they all respond to problems.

Bob Corker throws money at it and advertises the problem.

Van Hilleary sits on his rear and talks about it.

Ed Bryant puts on the work gloves and does something about it.

This is telling and shows how they deal with problems other than immigration. Below is Berry's story.


GOP Senate hopefuls travel to Arizona

Thursday, June 01, 2006, at 4:57 p.m. -
By Ian Berry
Staff Writer

Ed Bryant, a Republican U.S. Senate candidate, was at the Arizona-Mexico border today, where he said in a conference call he is helping the Minutemen build a 10-mile fence on private property.

Meanwhile Bob Corker, a GOP Senate candidate, has unveiled a new television ad, also at the Mexican border in Arizona, touting his views on the immigration problem and how to solve it.

During his conference call, Mr. Bryant said his background as a prosecutor made him more credible on illegal immigration than Mr. Corker, with his background as a builder.

Mr. Bryant, Mr. Corker and Van Hilleary are seeking the Republican nomination in the Aug. 3 primary election.

Mr. Hilleary said it’s a simple problem, and he doesn’t have to travel to Arizona to see the impact the problem has on Tennesseans and how to solve it.

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