Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Life on the Docket

It sounds like Nathan Moore's Wednesday was very similar to my own.

Well, except that it seems his courthouses are a tad more modern than those here in Knox and Blount Counties.

He seems to support the idea of justice centers, which is the way that most of the counties in East Tennessee have gone over the past few years. I know that Washington County was looking at the idea recently, as well.

I also support that idea. As Nathan said, running from court to court is difficult for attorneys and (while I have no evidence to prove this) probably takes something away from client representation. In Blount and Knox Counties, everything short of the Juvenile Court is under one roof, and that can be a lifesaver on these blistering hot summer days. I imagine it is easier for litigants, as well, as there are fewer instances of parties and witnesses showing up at the wrong building.

Of course, many young attorneys make things hard on themselves through difficult scheduling practices. They take every case possible (and they have to at the beginning to make ends meet), which often puts them in multiple counties if not at the same time then on the same day. I have been fairly successful in staying out of that bind, although I am in two counties Thursday (Blount in the morning, Knox in the afternoon).

Not that many readers are interested in this sort of thing, but I do like to hear what other attorneys think on these sort of everyday issues. Living in the courts and blogging are two of the best ways to accomplish that exchange of ideas.

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