Monday, June 12, 2006


A Few Programming Notes

First, if you are looking for thoughts on the U.S. Senate race, I've been posting them over at Blogging for Bryant. Having to look after two blogs on an exclusive basis this week has meant some rationing of material.

Second, don't expect blogging during the U.S. matches in the World Cup. You shouldn't be reading blogs then, anyway. You should be cheering for your country. Alas, I don't have any Cup watching buddies like in 2002 (we were showing up at Capitol Hill offices hours before any of them opened to cheer on the Americans), but I will manage this year. Unfortunately, that is a bit more difficult today, when I will be court during the second half of the U.S. game against the Czech Republic.

Let's hope for a good start from Landon Donovan and the rest of the boys to Pool Play this afternoon!

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