Thursday, June 15, 2006


Corker's Daughter

Apparently, this is the story of the day. Unlike all of the bloggers who are attacking Wonkette, I am not going to feign outrage. I only feel disappointment for those amongst the Tennessee Blogosphere - No Silence Here, Volunteer Voters, Adam Groves, Roger Abramson, Mike Kopp, Sarcastro, Bob Krumm, Nathan Moore - as well as the Chattanooga Times Free Press for bringing such attention to these pictures of Julia Corker.

Here's the skinny, guys and gals. A few of us had access to these pictures weeks ago. I deleted those sent to me, as did all of the other bloggers I know. Are they disappointing? Yes. Are they newsworthy? No. Last time I checked, Julia Corker wasn't running for anything. The problem here is that the story would have been dead if every corner of the Blogosphere hadn't rushed to publish. The Wonkette copies of the pics were out there yesterday. I saw them hours prior to heading out to campaign for Ed Bryant. They were almost pushed off of Wonkette's main page. Then a MSM source puts out something. Then one blog picks it up, then another. They all feign anger and disgust, but all they are helping provide is more momentum for a snowball that continues to grow.

My criticism isn't of Julia Corker or Wonkette, although each showed poor judgment. My criticism is of the bloggers who need to better understand political conflict theory. Only escalate what you need to escalate, guys and gals, and take on those wars that are winnable. If you want something to die, you have to do your part, even if that means doing nothing at all.

(If you don't have any clue what this story is about, count your blessings. You are a better person for your ignorance.)

Exactly how are you NOT bringing more attention to this story yourself? You chastise other bloggers for posting on the story, only to do the same. Look no further for an accurate definition of hypocrisy.
While I agree with your post in part, in that perhaps early on the story could have been ignored, I think that you are somewhat unfair to at least some of the bloggers named when you speak of their "feigned outrage." For most of us, the outrage is very real.

For my part, I posted on the issue a full day after it blew up, and then, only as you, to express contempt for those who promoted it.
If you run as a God and Family candidate, your family better be in good shape.

Don't like the attention? Don't market you and your family's morality.

Corker brought this on himself
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