Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Bredesen is Weak on Immigration

Terry Frank raises a valid question:

If the State of Tennessee had a massive surplus of our tax money, and the politicians in Nashville were hell-bent on spending every dime, why didn't Governor Bredesen put some of that money to good use and protect our borders?

I'd like to know that answer - and by answer, I don't mean some lame excuse by Will Pinkston.

It appears to me that Bredesen instead chose to dump the excess funds into various social programs from which the illegals could benefit. This is akin to addressing a cold - not with vitamins in an attempt to keep you healthy before you get sick, mind you - but with chicken noodle soup after 5 days of bedrest.

MORE: Bill Hobbs provides more questions on Bredesen's failure to address illegal immigration in Tennessee.

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