Thursday, June 29, 2006


Big Early Lead for George Allen in Virginia

The Commonwealth Conservative has the scoop on a somewhat flawed poll that has George Allen up by nearly 20 points in Virginia's Senate race.

From what I am hearing from our Southern brethren in the Commonwealth, Webb, the Democratic nominee, is living up to his reputation as a fire-breathing, ranting, raving lunatic.

I'm sure that will play well with the good people of Southwest Virginia.

This is good news, though. The less work Allen has to put forth in his reelection bid, the more focus that can be applied to the 2008 race for the White House.

FACT #1 If a true conservative became President (Ron Paul) the BANKERS would have him assassinated before he could dissolve the Federal Reserve. ( Andrew Jackson (attempted only), Abraham Lincoln, Huey Long, Congressman Lawrence McDonald )FACT #2 If George Allen is the "plant" the CFR ends up deciding they want to be your next President you will ,once again, have miss-led your
countrymen into voting for a person who hates the United States
of America. (Personally I think the CFR wants Hilary in there and
personally I think she will get it.)
FACT #3 The executive branch of government is GONE! It does not operate for
the good of the country anymore! As Conservatives who have this
knowlege don't we have a responsibility to tell frustrated votes what they can do to save their country?
Shouldn't we be telling them to focus on their
Congressman and Senators? Shouldn't we be telling them not to fall victim to the Presidential soap opera that patriotic pimps like Rush L. and Shawn H. use to make sure that the citizens never focus on what can be done to bring about real positive change?
Yes, I'm certain the bankers had Lincoln killed as well. Booth was only the fall guy. Just like Lee Harvey Oswald, it was the guy on the grassy knoll.
Okay, I'm missing something here. Who or what is the CFR? I'm not sure who I will be supporting in 2008 yet. But I like what I see in Allen so far.
The council on foreign relations.
The CFR, a private organization based in New York City, has about 4,200 members, several hundred of whom are in the Bush administration. Hundreds of CFR members also served in past administrations, irrespective of whether the president in the White House was a Republican or a Democrat. The picture above provides just a snapshot of the dominance that the CFR has held over the executive branch of the U.S. government for decades.

Is the CFR dominance at the upper echelons of our government newsworthy? Imagine how the liberals in media would howl if the president assembled a group of 16 influential policy advisers, and it turned out that all but the president himself were past or present members of the National Rifle Association? Or if the president had selected hundreds of NRA members for top posts in his administration? Yet the NRA is an organization boasting millions of members, while the CFR consists of select government officials and the captains and kings of business, finance, and the media. The CFR is so influential that it has been called “the invisible government of the United States.
Oh I see...and all this time I thought it was the aliens (space kind) that ran the show behind the scenes.
No man its the Illuminati running the show, and Opus Dei runs the Catholic Church.
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