Monday, June 19, 2006


Another Wild Weekend

As per norm in campaign years, weekends are just a busy blur connecting one hectic week to another. This weekend was certainly no exception.

I closed The Huddleston Law Firm early on Friday to spend some time with the VOLConWife putting up a few new Ed Bryant signs in Knox, Blount, and Sevier Counties. We also managed to complete some sign repair on existing signs, courtesy of the Father's Day present from the VOLConDog, a new 18-pound sledgehammer. ("It's the gift that keeps on giving, Clark...")

We then went door-to-door in Northeast Knox County, encouraging voters to head to the polls during this primary season.

Saturday brought the opening of Ed Bryant's Knox County Headquarters (for those familiar with Knoxville, it is off of Downtown West, near the Early Voting location). About 50 people attended the event, including County Commissioner Steve Hall and other political figures.

From there, it was off to Big Ridge State Park in Union County, where the multi-county BBQ was taking place. Turnout on the brutally hot day was low, but those who were there were treated to good BBQ, fellowship, and several political speeches. Ed Bryant, Jim Bryson, Mark Albertini, Van Hilleary, and June Griffin headlined a long list of local, state, and federal candidates at the event. (Jennifer Coxe, Van Hilleary's shadow, was also there, sporting an oversized leather handbag. It was just the thing for a picnic.) Several readers of this blog attended from various counties; I won't attempt to name everyone, since I would certainly leave someone out.

After a visit to Bass Pro Shops to buy the VOLConWife's birthday present (to quote Confederate Railroad: "I know it, Dad, ain't she cool!"), we went door-to-door again in Northeast Knox County. In a bit over 2 hours of work over 2 evenings, we were able to hit 69 doors and have meaningful talks with dozens of registered voters. Folks, this is a great way to help your candidate win elections. Face-to-face contact is especially effective in East Tennessee.

Sunday was a day of leisure, complements of Evan Schlank's father. He hooked us up with two passes (including admittance to the hospitality area) to the Knoxville Open, the Nationwide Tour's stop in our city. We had an outstanding time walking the course with the second-to-last pairing of Parker McLaughlin and Joel Krivel. It was my first time walking Fox Den, and the course is simply magnificent. Therefore, I will not play it, as my game will do nothing but detract from the beautiful course.

Back to the grind today. I hope I can get some rest this week before next weekend...

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More appropriately, "Jennifer Coxe, Van Hilleary's CAMPAIGN MANAGER..." How many statewide campaigns have you ever run, Mr. Huddleston? Oh yeah, none.

Regardless of your personal feelings for the person, at least show an ounce of respect for her and her position.

On second thought, foolish rhetoric should be packaged in a childish tone. It's much more fitting.

"What you are shouts so loudly in my ears I cannot hear what you say."
Hey Rob,
I didn't notice the heat as much as the shouting at Saturday's BBQ. Did Van think the volume wasn't on with his microphone or what?
Yes, I saw Jennifer Coxe's large bag at the picnic. Figured she needed to be prepared being a girl and all. I do like her hair and she smartly pulled it back in a ponytail. I think people who don't know you think you are mean, but I think you are funny. Sometimes a bit mischievious, but certainly not an embarrasment to your mother!
JO -

Does it count if you run the campaign or if you run the campaign into the ground? How about if you are voted the least likeable person to work with by the media during a campaign cycle? Or what about people who had to be called out in public by their candidate for the Florida Senate due to dirty campaign tactics?

Well, I guess Jennifer Coxe has me beat in all of those categories, Slick.


Fried Green Tomato -

Yes, I suppose that people - probably more Republicans than Democrats - do think that I am mean. I have no doubt that is why I have no position with the Bryant campaign. (That's kind of ironic coming from a campaign that has put out enough Bob Corker Fraud Watches to tilt an abacus.)

I guess it should matter that I didn't really get into politics to be loved or liked. I got into this business to change the system. Others (er, I'm going to have to point towards the Tipton County Mafia on this one) do it for their own personal gain.

Unfortunately, I am seeing that we have politicians running political campaigns in the form of staffers. This is a horrible development. You have to wonder if they would purposely sabotage a campaign to better their own personal future gains. You can bet that Jimmy Quillen never would have put up with such self-serving behavior.

I long for the old days when staffers were staffers, politicians were politicians, and having a rival meant that you didn't go out for drinks after a long day of beating each other senseless.

I don't see this trend slowing, and I fear that dinosaurs like myself may not be long for the future of Nixon's "Arena."


Fried Green Tomato -

And, yes, my ears are still ringing from the screaming Van Hilleary at Big Ridge.

I hope my hearing returns to normal for court tomorrow...


Steve Hall is on Knoxville city council.
Stacey -

Thanks for pointing that out. My oversight.

Hope the campaigning is going well.


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