Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Who drank Joboo's rum?

"Are you trying to say that Jesus Christ can't hit a curveball?"

No, but some of His followers apparently can't.

Last year, the softball team at Immanual Baptist Church had a fairly successful inaugural season. We went 7-9, almost pulling off a .500 record with two elderly starters (one a septuagenarian). This year, however, I tried to convince the manager not to field a team. We lost three of our four starting outfielders (one to a move, one to an illness, and my brother-in-law to Clayton's industrial league team), and it isn't like we are any younger. My warnings were ignored.

Our second game was Monday night. We now have a .000 winning percentage and have been outscored by an aggregate of 54-2. Yes, that's right. 54 runs allowed, 2 runs scored. We haven't even managed double digits in hits after two games - combined.

I've played on some good teams in the past. Hilleary's Hitmen (which later became just the Hitmen when Marsha Blackburn's office took over the affiliation) won more than we lost. Immanuel Baptist's team last year wasn't that bad. However, this could be the worst team in softball history. I'm talking ever. I'm not sure, but we may be outmuscled by the teams in the co-ed league.

We have another game Tuesday night in Seymour. I might show up. Maybe...


This is my all-time favorite baseball movie! I watch it all the time, particularly in winter to tide me over to the regular season.

Perhaps you might try Bat-warmers?

All the best,

"Hats for bats-Gracias!"
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