Monday, May 15, 2006


Weekend in the Smokies

I had a great time this weekend camping with my Dad in Townsend. A good deal of our time there was spent fly fishing in the national park, but we also hiked near Tremont and attended a concert featuring dulcimers and bowed-psaltries at Wood-N-Strings' Pickin' Porch.

If you are OK with paying a little more for a nice campsite, I have to recommend Little River Village Campground, which is the second campground from the entrance to the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. Lots of river access, some of the best bathhouses in the area, plenty of activities for the kids, and a friendly staff make this campground worth a few extra bucks in my eyes. If you don't want to part with those extra bucks and are there for fishing or tubing, you might want to look at Tuckaleechee Campground, who also had an extremely friendly staff.

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