Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The Truth is Coming Out About Bob Corker

This Letters to the Editor from the Nashville City Paper shows that some people are paying attention to the man behind the curtain and not falling for the lying advertisements of the mainstream media's great and powerful Oz:

To the Editor:
Facts are facts, Corker

I totally agree with The City Paper that Bob Corker’s record must be studied in historical context (“Study Corker’s record in context,” p. 6, May 25).

In this editorial, however, The City Paper misses the mark when it justifies the “hard decisions” that Corker made as mayor of Chattanooga while opting to ignore the truth about Corker’s record.

While his most recent TV ad claims that Corker lowered property taxes to their lowest rate since the 1950s, the facts paint a different picture. The facts are this: Corker raised property taxes in Chattanooga by 25 percent. Corker even publicly stated on several occasions that he had no intention to roll the tax increase back and the facts show he never did.

So how can Corker claim to have lowered property taxes to their lowest rate since the 1950s? The city’s taxes were lowered not because of anything Corker did, but because of a countywide property reappraisal that took place three months after Corker left office! Three months!

The facts are that Bob Corker takes a similar approach to taxes as Don Sundquist and no creative 30-second TV ad can hide that.

Alex Bissell

This is an excellent. Fact based response. You should cross post on Blogging for Bryant also. the more people who read this the better.
Somebody should find a way to get that reprinted in the News Sentinel
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