Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Summers Out as AG this August

Volunteer Voters has a story from the AP that states Tennessee Attorney General Paul Summers will not seek reappointment, meaning that come September, we will have a new Attorney General.

Of course, simple voter, this means nothing to you, because the General Assembly doesn't believe you capable of electing an Attorney General like the voters of most states. No, the five appointees of the Governor's Mansion who wear the nice robes in the Supreme Court building - 4 of whom are Democrats - will make that decision for you.

And the AG's position isn't important, is it? After all, it was really the AG's erroneous opinion regarding term limits that caused all of the turmoil in Knox and Shelby Counties during the local elections concluded yesterday.

Oh, well, maybe it is important...

Do you really want an elected AG, when it's been used as a judicial activist stepping stone to demagogic races for other ofices? Tobacco lawsuit, Spitzer. Have you forgotten the PSC so quickly?
George -

So you would rather it be a political stepping stone that doesn't involve voting input as compared to a political stepping stone insulated from the voters by backroom deals and quid pro quo?


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