Monday, May 15, 2006


Press Releases Gallore!

Here are a few press releases that have been sent my way over the past few days that might have slipped through the cracks elsewhere.


First, this from Vance Cheek, candidate for the 1st District Congressional seat.

Cheek Continues Touring District with Conservative Message Touting His Experience and the Need for Fiscal Discipline in Washington

(Johnson City) – Last night Republican Congressional candidate Vance Cheek, Jr., the only candidate who has served in state government as a judge and in local government as a Mayor, continued his tour of Tennessee’s First Congressional District by participating in a Congressional Debate held in Hamblen County.

Cheek continued to outshine other candidates with his upbeat message of economic growth for the region, supporting the President’s work protecting our nation and with stern warnings that Washington needs to get its spending under control and that we need to protect traditional, conservative values.

“Washington spending is out of control,” Cheek said. “We need someone who can go to Congress, stand out from the crowd and be a strong voice for prioritizing our spending. I am that candidate.”

Cheek stated that he supported Congressman Jenkins calls for a balanced budget amendment and that as the next Congressman from the District he will fight for the amendment.

Cheek also pointed out that unlike other candidates who take their cues from politics for their conservative values, his personal life story dictates his beliefs. Cheek was born with brittle bone disease, a disease that he has lived with and overcome, making his choice to fight for the right to life very personal. He is the father of a daughter bringing family values issues close to home and he has worked in local government to balance budgets and to create economic growth.

Next comes this from the NRA on Oklahoma's passing of the "Castle Doctrine" for the Sooner State. My question has to be why this needed line of legislation is yet to pass in Tennessee.


Today, Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry (D) signed HB 2615, the NRA-backed "Castle Doctrine" self-defense bill, into law.

"I want to thank Governor Brad Henry for signing this victims' rights bill into law," said NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox. "When you're confronted by a criminal, you don't have the luxury of time. This bill states that if victims choose to stand their ground and fight, their decision will not be second-guessed by the State of Oklahoma. The ability to protect yourself, your children, or your spouse from harm is important, whether you're in your home or outside."

HB 2615 simply states that if a criminal breaks into your home, your occupied vehicle or your place of business, you may presume he is there to do bodily harm and you may use any force necessary against him. It also removes the "duty to retreat" if you are attacked in any place you have a legal right to be.

Further, HB 2615 provides protection from criminal prosecution and civil litigation for those who defend themselves from criminal attack. The "Castle Doctrine" bill met with overwhelming, bipartisan support, passing 96-2 in the state House and 83-4 in the Senate. Oklahoma joins eight other states that have signed similar legislation into law this legislative cycle.

"On behalf of all NRA members in Oklahoma, I want to thank Governor Brad Henry for signing this important bill into law. I'd also like to thank the bill's chief sponsors, Representative Kevin Calvey (R-94) and Senator Harry Coates (R-28), for their leadership in passing this vital measure," concluded Cox. "The 'Castle Doctrine' bill is about putting the law back on the side of the victim, the way it's supposed to be."


Finally, this attack from Mark Albertini raises more issues regarding Jim Bryson's leadership. While some believe that Albertini is running the good race to put forth his ideology, it is apparent that is not the case when one goes attacking the frontrunner. Albertini is going after Bryson because he wants to win the race - that's the only reason for going negative at this juncture. Look, more power to him, as I'm not going to tell him how to run his campaign. But make no mistake about it - Mark Albertini is trying to win the Republican nomination for governor.

Bryson Supported Driving Certificates For Illegal Immigrants

On May 11, 2004, the TENNESSEAN.COM reported that Senate Bill 3430 (SB3430), which established "a Certificate of Driving to replace driver’s licenses for people who could not prove they are U.S. Citizens or permanent legal residents," passed in the Senate.

Bryson, who was elected to the State Senate in 2002, failed to vote against the bill allowing illegal citizens to have the privilege of driving in Tennessee. Bredesen signed the final Bill into law. The program was disbanded by Bredesen after State officials and Illegals conceived a criminal conspiracy to obtain the certificates through fraud, even for out of State Illegals.

Republican Gubernatorial candidate, J.D. and U.S. Marine Corps Vet, Mark Albertini said "this program was dead wrong. These Certificates gave a legitimacy to what Illegals were doing-stealing into our Nation and living under all the same rights, benefits and protections of legal Tennesseeans and Americans. What was more important to Bryson, us or them? This says to me that Bryson does not really care about the safety and privileges of being a citizen of Tennessee, protected by the 14th Amend. to the U.S. Constitution. It says to me that Bryson does not honor what American soldiers have died for. I hope folks will see this before it's too late."

Albertini said "now, it seems, after the entire country is focused on Illegals, Bryson is trying to sound tough on Illegals as a Gubernatorial candidate. One has got to wonder, can I trust this guy to be my Governor and punish evildoers?" "You can get away with this as a Senator," said Albertini, "but if you are going to be the Governor and lead the State, you must have a record that shows you put the best interests of legal citizens first and that you are a leader who has the will-power to stand against opposition."

Albertini noted that we had better take the threats and plans of our enemies seriously before we cannot do anything about it. "Did Bryson even know who these people really were? Did he know why they were in America? Did he do anything in 2002 or 2003 to stop Illegal Citizens?"

Albertini noted further that although the Federal Government bears primary responsibility for Immigration (Naturalization-Art 1 Sec 8 U.S. Const.), TN should not be giving non-citizens the same rights citizens have.

Albertini pointed out that the Certificates could not be used as I.D. to buy a gun. But he said, "this is like firing a gun with no bullet. This is a ridiculous exclusion. When is the last time you heard of a gang member, armed robber or drug dealer going to a gun shop and showing his I.D. to purchase a gun? This certificate was actually an invitation to Illegals. I guess the simple question is, does State and National Security mean anything to Bryson?"

Illegal aliens were legally getting regular Tennessee driver's licenses (since the 2001 state law) until they were switched to the driving certificates. Some of the Republicans voted for the driving certificates because this was better than letting illegals continue to get the regular DLs, and Bredesen and the Democrats had made it clear the illegal aliens were going to continue to get some kind of state driving document. So it was the certificates or the even worse thing we already had. I could understand the compromise some Republicans made, since they didn't have a majority in the Legislature to kill the whole driving-while-illegal thing outright.

State Rep. Donna Rowland, however, stood her ground. Since 2001, she has fought any driving privileges for illegal aliens and has sponsored bills to that effect every year.
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