Friday, May 05, 2006


Poll: Conservatives Behind GOP Slide

A new AP/Ipsos poll shows that a whopping 65% of conservatives disapprove of the GOP-led Congress' performance, with even 31% of conservatives desiring that the Republicans lose control of Congress in the 2006 elections.

This echoes what I have been saying for the past year. The Republicans have been no different than the Democrats since 2002 - campaigning as conservatives, running the country like moderates/liberals. The people have caught on and, without a serious energy policy (we won't count the downright idiotic $100 refund checks for gas usage as "serious") throughout that time adding to the irresponsible spending and failure to address social problems, Republicans are looking at real problems in November. Yes, the system is rigged for incumbents, but there is a good chance that control of both the House and Senate could come down to two races in each body.

The base on a national level is not energized. I'm not so sure I would include Tennessee in that categorization, but other parts of the country that have a slimmer margin for error have got to be worrying the RNC. I'm not saying that Tennessee is immune to conservative revolt, either. Just make Bob Corker the GOP Senate nominee and see if conservatives come out in November.

Think about what we discussed at the party the other night: It is becoming increasingly difficult for American conservatives to support a national Republican Party that-well,isn't conservative.
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