Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Candidates on Immigration

Here are a few of the press releases and reactions I was e-mailed this morning on President Bush's immigration policy. Two are from candidates for the 1st District Congressional seat, and two are from candidates for the U.S. Senate. It seems that most Republicans are walking the party line on this one, with the notable exception of Ed Bryant, who has a position closest to my own. In the order I received them...


Cheek States that President Bush is Right Putting National Guard Troops on Border to Get Illegal Immigration Under Control

(Johnson City) – Republican Congressional candidate Vance Cheek, Jr., the only candidate who has served in state government as a judge and in local government as a Mayor, said that he applauds President Bush’s call to increase the deployment of National Guard troops along our border to get illegal immigration under control. Bush will call for troops in a speech tonight.

“We must stop illegal immigration,” Cheek said, “People who come here legally, following the law, should be allowed to stay; but we need to enforce our laws on those who are here illegally. I support President Bush’s call up of National Guard troops for our border.”

“While some tout the economic benefits of immigration, there are also costs associated with illegal immigration as well. One study stated that illegal immigrants are estimated to use $2,700 a year more in services than they pay in taxes, creating a total fiscal burden of nearly $10.4 billion on the federal budget in 2002 and that doesn’t even take into account the cost to state government. Our taxpayers should not shoulder this burden,” Cheek said.

“While we start to take action to stem the flow of illegal immigration we also must be mindful of the cost of government. It is my hope that stopping illegal immigration will help save our government and taxpayer’s money and help get government spending under control,” Cheek added.

Cheek also said that terrorists have the ability to cross the border along with illegal immigrants making our nation unsafe.


David Davis Praises President Bush’s Immigration Plan

(Johnson City) – State Representative and First District Congressional Candidate David Davis(R-Johnson City) expressed strong approval tonight for the aggressive immigration policy put forth by President George W. Bush and said that closing American borders to illegal immigrations must occur for the plan to be successful.

“President Bush understands that before we deal with people already residing in our country illegally, it is essential to seal the border from further illegal infiltration. This was the first point discussed by the President, and I believe that fact is a reflection of his commitment to solving this crucial problem,” Davis said.

The congressional candidate also expressed support for the President’s call for stiffer punishment for apprehended illegals.

“The catch-and-release practice does not deter those who break our laws,” Davis said. “I stand firmly behind President Bush in his proposal to establish tougher policy on illegal immigrants."
Davis said that all Americans must work together for Bush’s plan to achieve success.

“The education, healthcare and tax systems supported by law-abiding taxpayers are all being exploited by these illegal immigrants,” said Davis. “Punishing employers of these individuals is a necessary component to solving our immigration problem, and I am pleased that the President addressed this topic. Our nation must work together in order to preserve the prosperity of our country.

“And due to the harm which can be done to our nation through persons entering our country unlawfully, I believe that absolutely no amnesty can be extended to these individuals.”
Davis called for all border security solutions presented by the President to be used in fighting illegal immigration.

“I understand that a single solution will not solve the problem of individuals crossing our border illegally. In some rural areas, a wall or even a fence will be sufficient while the deployment of National Guard units is necessary in other places,” Davis said.

The Johnson City Republican further supported Bush by endorsing the concept of electronic surveillance.

“Our country enjoys the most advanced technology in the world, and I am pleased that President Bush will use these resources to solve this crucial problem facing our country,” said Davis.


"I commend the President for getting tougher on border security, including deployment of National Guard troops to the border and increasing the number of border patrol agents. However, any program that allows illegal immigrants to become legal is a form of amnesty and I am firmly opposed to that. The problem with illegal immigration is not just along the Mexican border, it's in Washington. We cannot reward illegal immigrants in any manner for their breaking the laws of our country."

"It's quite simple: no amnesty, no citizenship, no work visas, and no jumping in line for illegal immigrants. We need to enforce the laws on the books, strengthen the physical security of our borders, and empower the front lines, including local law enforcement, with proper training and resources, and allow the federal government to assist those agencies in enforcing our laws."

"On this issue there are clear differences between myself and the President. I do not support and will not support any type of amnesty program for illegal immigrants. No matter what you call this temporary worker program, it still is a form of amnesty for those who have broken our laws in coming to this country. The end result will be an increase in illegal immigration for those who are hoping that they can break the law and be rewarded with citizenship in our country."


“I agree with many of the provisions laid out in tonight’s address. As the President outlined, it is vitally important that we secure our borders immediately. The proposals to increase border security and provide stepped-up surveillance are steps in the right direction. I also support ending ‘catch and release’ and helping employers verify the status of their workers with a new identification card. However, I continue to oppose any immigration reform proposal that rewards illegal behavior by allowing those who have entered the country illegally to become citizens without first returning home and reentering the country legally.”

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