Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Back in the Saddle Again

My apologies for the absence, but it could not be helped. Sadly, the PC which primarily brought you this blog is no more.

Last week, I thought it would be nice to add some music to the blog. By taking a cue from Brian's Blog, I found a website that would allow for this at no charge. Well, at no obvious charge, I should say.

While viewing a video for a possible song selection last Thursday, a trojan horse infiltrated my computer, pulling 3 other viruses in. Norton's 2006 (of which I will post more about later) did not block the intrusion attempts, but it did find the infectious agents after they had done considerable damage to Windows XP and, apparently, my harddrive.

The PC slowed to a halt on Saturday morning and refused to reboot. A review by the Geek Squad at Best Buy showed complete failure of the harddrive with no documents recoverable.

Today we purchased a new PC, monitor, and (unneeded) printer as a bundle from Best Buy. It is amazing how low the prices of boxes have fallen.

I will comment more later, with specific attention to the hypocrisy of Van Hilleary supporters, the incredible proliferation of Bob Corker signs in Knoxville, and how much I despise Barry Bonds and several of his racist defenders. Obviously, I have a backlog of thoughts that need spewing...

I gave up on Norton Out-To-Lunch. I kept it updated on my computer, and the Norton program allowed its own self to become infected.

I called Norton for help and was advised that I should print out about 25 pages of instructions (complicated and convoluted) and follow them step by step. I said, "Will this fix the problem?" The foreign guy on the other end said, "No, probably not, but this is what I advise you to do."
I use Norton-never had a problem and it saved my CPU from an untold number of infections, but that's just me.

Rob, I could use some backup! Mt criticisms of Haslams/Pilot has some anon posters saying I am anti-wealth. I have tried to explain that I am only anti-wealth when wealth goes to support phonies and frauds.

Sorry Man.

I hate that I sent you out there and you got a Trojan horse. I use to use Norton, now use Mcafee. I would say they all miss from time to time. Again, sorry.

Glad your back, you have been missed.
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