Friday, April 07, 2006


Orange & White Tailgate

If the pending hazardous weather doesn't destroy Knoxville tonight, all readers are invited to stop by our tailgate tomorrow at UT's Orange & White game. Ed Bryant supporters are especially welcome, and if we all wish hard enough, great things may happen, such as:

1) Ed Bryant may make an appearance,
2) UT's offense might show some signs of life, and
3) the DiamondVols may put a whoopin' on the Bayou Bengals from LSU!

If rain isn't a factor, we plan to be in Lot 30 between TBA (the basketball arena, for those playing at home) and Neyland Stadium. If it is raining in the morning when I am setting up, then we will be in garage G10 next to TBA.

Hope to see you there, and GO VOLS!

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