Friday, April 07, 2006


Huddleston Running for Office

But it's not the one you think it is...

Yesterday, the VOLConWife, Angela R. Huddleston, submitted her election petition and officially became a candidate for the Republican Executive Committeewoman for the 6th District of Tennessee. (Well, I, as her campaign manager and treasurer, turned in her petition, but I did so in her stead.)

Angela was approached about running a few weeks ago when we were at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Memphis. Although she is unopposed on the ballot, she plans to run a sincere campaign in Senator Jamie Woodson's district.

Angela also thinks it is simply hilarious that she will be the first person elected to office from our family. As her husband, I told her that it was no surprise to me.

Congratulations to Angela. We are in the same district, and Angela will have my vote.

I know that she will make a great Executive Committeewoman!
Congratulations! I know how proud you are of her. She will make a great committeewoman.
pretty lady!
Congratulations to Angela!
Yay! Great photo and a great opportunity.

How exciting!

(so, I guess meeting ME at the SLRC wasn't the most exciting thing that happened....) Gulp.
I am pleased that Angela has stepped up, is unopposed and I don't have to worry about this Republican candidate being declared ineligble.

I look forward to working with the better half of Hudlleston-Huddleston
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