Tuesday, April 25, 2006


A Hectic Pace

Life has been a bit hectic since returning from South Carolina (undoubtedly the worst thing about a vacation is the mess you come back to), but hopefully things will settle down in a few days.

I should be thankful. At least no one is trying to kill me - like what happened to Steve Hall, candidate for Knox County Mayor.

Here's the odd thing - when it was first rumored that Steve was going to challenge Mike Ragsdale, some of the political vets of Knox County told me that they wouldn't be surprised if something like this happened. I dismissed it at the time as a bit outlandish. It certainly doesn't seem so now.

I have wondered myself, Rob, just who it is that wants Steve dead.

You should have heard Phil Williams on 100.3 today making fun of the incident. You just wouldn't believe it. I'll try to post about it.
I'll have to honestly say that I still don't know why I listen to Phil Williams. I guess he's the only show in town that I know of.... but i TOTALLY didn't think it was funny how he was making fun of the Steve Hall incident. I mean I know what a good joke is, but I just felt sick listening to it. How aweful.
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