Friday, April 14, 2006


Bad Friday at Belmont

What happens when the Baptists get pushed out of leadership at Belmont?

Apparently, free speech is stifled and Bill Hobbs - a Tennessee blogging legend - is shown the door.

Mike Kopp better be glad that I am going on vacation...

MORE: Michael Silence has more reaction.

Maybe you can help me out here. When Bill Hobbs decided to freely excercise his right to free speech and publish his feelings about Islam, was that a personal decision, or an obligation he felt to represent Belmont University?

My hunch is both Bill Hobbs and Belmont decided that was Bill's personal choice as are the consequences. The First Amendment grants us all the right to be fools. It doesn't protect you from the consequences of the choices you make in excercising this right.

Christian Grantham
Christian -

So, are you for universities that take public moneys (as even "private colleges" do) making employment decisions based on what one does in his private life?

That's a slippery slope that homosexuals, Muslims, Christians, Republicans, et al, may not be willing to approach.


If Bill had been a teacher there and had tenure like Ward Churchill, Bill could have said the U.S. deserved to be hit on 9/11, written about it, and still not have lost his job.
I'm not fond of double standards.
Fortunately, Bill is fine. With a wife and child, it could (too easily) have gone the other way and been tragic. I am hoping this turns out to be a good thing for Bill.
Meanwhile, the Ward Churchills rave on in our Universities.
You may be a little short on facts. Belmont's current board of trustees is still comprised of 100% Baptist church memebers (and pastors), all approved in general session of the Tennessee Baptist Convention. These members are charged to do what is in the best interest of the university and seem to believe that having a 60% majority of Baptists on the BOT still makes Belmont "Baptist". It could be that it isn't the Baptists at Belmont who are pushing away, but the Baptists at the Tennessee Baptist Convention who are doing the pushing.

The rest, regarding Mr. Hobbs, is too much cluttered speculation and inuendo.
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