Monday, April 10, 2006


AlphaPatriot Covers GOP Debate in the 8th

I have several blog posts in the oven, but work is getting in the way of completing them. Until they are completed, take a gander at what AlphaPatriot had to say about this weekend's GOP debate in the 8th Congressional District.

While I am not quite ready to make an endorsement (although many of those are coming in the next few days), I agree with AlphaPatriot that unless Rory Bricco can convince me otherwise, John Farmer deserves the support of Tennessee conservatives against the Democrat John Tanner. That being said, I met Mr. Bricco and his wife at the SRLC in Memphis, and they seemed like wonderful people. Unfortunately, I know less about Bricco, and that's not a good thing when facing a firmly entrenched incumbent.

Hey I left this post on AlphaPatriot's site. I leave it here for you because most of us here in this district feel like Rory Bricco about this:

"I would like to state here, just for the sake of what is fair, that I read some open letters online. One from Mr. Farmer and one from Mr. Bricco.

Mr. Bricco never said in his letter that he would never speak where Hart was given a platform. I have searched and can't find that he said that anywhere.

What he did say in that letter was that he knew that Hart doesn't hold to the same values of respect that the Republican party does and Rory Bricco said that he'd debate Hart anytime as long as Hart was running on an Independent ticket.

Bricco knows that the people of this district were NEVER happy that Hart left the Independent ballot to run on the Republican one so that he could get more attention for his scheme against humanity.

Can I force you to endorse Bricco if you like Farmer? Of course not. Then why should Hart try to make the Republicans endorse him when he is really an Independent and has been for years?"
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