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1st Round of 2006 Endorsements from VOLuntarilyConservative

Many pundits on the Republican side are lax to make endorsements in primaries because it makes good political sense to stay neutral until the general election. That being said and admitting that to be true, it will be the policy of this site to endorse candidates at all stages of the election process because it is as important that we choose the right candidate in the primary as in the general election.

Below is a list of candidates that are officially being endorsed by VOLuntarilyConservative. Some of the races are not included because there is simply no preference at this time or because there is no anticipated opposition. That does not mean that an endorsement will not be made in the future after more information is gathered. In fact, if you are a candidate for office and would like to be endorsed for office, I certainly encourage you to contact this site and plead your case. (As a federal judge once told me, lawyers often don't get what they want because they fail to ask for it. That is also the case here.)

These endorsements are directly related to the May elections, for which early voting starts on Wednesday, April 12th. Term-limited candidates have not been endorsed, as it is the belief that they could not serve even if they receive the greatest number of votes. The decisions as to which candidate to endorse were made based on personal knowledge, website content (blog, campaign sites, and otherwise), and responses to questionnaires, including the Knoxville News-Sentinel's Voter Guide.

So, without further adieu, VOLuntarilyConservative endorses the following candidates for office:

Knox County Mayor - Steve Hall
Circuit Court Judge - Judge Bill Swann
Chancellor, Division Three - Mike Moyers
Criminal Court Judge, Division Two - Judge Ray L. Jenkins
General Sessions Court Judge, Division Four - Andrew Jackson, IV
Circuit Court Clerk - Cathy Quist
Criminal & Fourth Circuit Court Clerk - Martha Philips
Register of Deeds - Steve Hall
Knox County Commissioner, 2nd District, Seat A - David Oatney
Knox County Commissioner, 3rd District, Seat A - Tony Norman
Knox County Commissioner, 4th District, Seat A - Mike Alford
Knox County Commissioner, 5th District, Seat B - Kyle Phillips
Knox County Commissioner, 6th District, Seat B - Greg "Lumpy" Lambert
Knox County Commissioner, 7th District, Seat A - R. Larry Smith
Knox County Commissioner, 8th District, Seat A - Phil Ballard
Knox County Commissioner, 8th District, Seat B - Gary Sellers

But who are you supporting for the Republican Executive Committeewoman for the 6th District of Tennessee?

Go Mr and Mrs VolCon!
Nancy -

I don't know...

I'll have to grill the perspective candidates and see where they stand on important domestic issues.



You obviously don't have a clue about some of the people you are endorsing. R. Larry Smith, for example. He is atrociously stupid and corrupt, and you should be embarrassed.
Anonymous -

"He is atrociously stupid..."

Oh, aren't we the mature adult?

In any case, Mr. Smith is running against James McMillan with the term-limited Mary Lou Horner on the outside looking in. When it comes to Mr. McMillan, he has a hard row to hoe (that's a pun, given that he lists his occupation as "farmer") with me because he is a relative unknown without a website, does not have the formal education that Mr. Smith does (a high school degree versus a B.S. from UT), and doesn't have the demonstrated history of local political involvement at the same level as Mr. Smith.

Also, the policy positions that Mr. Smith took in the KNS Voter Guide were specific, while Mr. McMillan's ("Strong, safe neighborhoods," "Sound economic base," "Great schools") aren't enough to sway me.

This certainly isn't to disparage Mr. McMillan. In fact, this was one of the most difficult endorsements to make in Knox County. Honestly, his profession tends to strike a chord with me, because, as I have posted here previously, my grandfather is a farmer in Greene County. He also likes camping in Colorado, which also is a plus in my book. But while I would probably want to have Mr. McMillan as my friend, Mr. Smith has the better resume when it comes down to the seat that they both seek.


Rob, the Larry Smith endorsement is the stupidest rationale I've ever heard for endorsing a candidate. If you're going endorse someone, at least do your homework. Why don't you check out the edition of the Knoxville Journal from April 2, 1984. R. Larry Smith was charged with raping and assaulting his estranged wife. The guy is a scoundrel. Unfortunately, due to the term limits ruling, there's a good chance he'll win.
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