Tuesday, March 14, 2006


A Tough Start to the Week

So, why haven't I provided the updates that I said I would on Saturday?

Well, it's been a tough week. The VOLConWife is sick as a dog (actually, the dog is much healthier than she is), my father was in a motorcycle accident while I was in Memphis, and I returned home to find my PC on the fritz. After a call to The Undecided Philosopher, it was concluded that my power supply had failed. Four trips to Best Buy later, I am now back on-line, with a new power supply and new keyboard (which also apparently blew when the power supply failed). Hopefully, this will be the last technical failure this week, because they have been coming in waves thus far.

I will have loads more later on tonight, but I have to tend to my firm until then.

MORE: If you have sent me an e-mail or left a voice mail, I promise that I will get back to you ASAP. I have over 150 non-junk e-mails to sift through, but I will try to do that as quickly as possible.

A topic about Dr. Steven E. Jones' (Senior Professor of Physics) recently peer approved paper would be pertinent.

I thought something might have happened to you. I hope VolCon dad is ok.
Rob, I will br praying for your wife and your father, sure hope he is alright, and if its alright with you, I am going to pass the request on to my wife.
Mick and Dave -

Thank you for the well wishes. My father seems fine - nothing more than some soreness and bruising. The bike took the brunt of the collision, as a girl on a learner's permit pulled out in front of him and stopped like a deer in the headlights. My dad T-boned her, but the impact was solid, which probably saved him a broken leg or worse. He's a very blessed man.

As for the wife, she's still pretty sick. I'm praying for a Thursday recovery, because me as the man & woman around the house ain't working...


So sorry to hear about VolConDad. He's in our prayers.

Hey Rob,
Nice blog!
Followed a link from Dave's blog over here. I had a friend who had pretty much the same thing happen with his motorcycle. Fortunately, he was wearing decent safety equipment and was able to jump just before the bike hit (about 40mph) and slide to a stop. Just some asphalt burns really. I'll keep your dad and wife in my prayers.
Keep your chin up .Things will get better.
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