Friday, March 10, 2006


SRLC - 5:07 P.M. CST

I spoke briefly with Senator George Allen after his interview with CNN. As I was doing that, the VOLConWife attending Bob Corker's event with Senator Coleman on the 3rd floor. She reported that about 100 people were in attendance, that Bob again stood on his business experience, and that the room was quite congested.

Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist stopped by Blogger Row and took about 15 minutes worth of questions from myself, AlphaPatriot, Mick Wright, and Adam Groves. What really impressed us was his enthusiasm for blogging, which, through VOLPAC, he does himself. He believes that blogging shows political enthusiasm at the grassroots level, that it sparks the side discussions that occur at events like SRLC, and that it should be instrumental in shepherding the ideology of our party as Republicans. For Frist, he says that this is an issue of freedom and providing political voices for all. One could say that Frist was just playing to his audience, but you have to take into consideration Frist's support of free speech legislation designed to protect blogs from FEC clutches. Certainly in this case, Frist talks the talk and walks the walk.

Frist also previewed his speech set for tomorrow night, stating that it will focus on his experiences as a citizen legislator.

Senator Frist answered questions regarding the Patriot Act, which he says is a carefully crafted balance between safety against terrorism and civil liberties. One aspect of which Senator Frist was especially proud was his adding of methamphetamine to the Patriot Act. Frist was also pressed on the ports issue (as Senator Allen was by CNN earlier), which Frist sees as an issue that has been mishaped by the media. Instead of worrying about Dubai running the administrative aspects of our ports, we should focus on the modernization of intelligence for our port security. Frist believes the Patriot Act a step in the right direction on that front.

I asked Senator Frist about the Hotline Straw Poll at SRLC that is gaining so much press. Frist played down the poll, saying it was a fun political exercise, that it speaks to the aggregate of a political gathering, but that it only went as far as that. Interestingly, Senator Trent Lott, himself a McCain supporter, had spoken to CNN earlier today and accused Frist of bussing in participants to stack the poll. With 1800 people here from 30 states, it's hard to see how Lott could prove that. However, it is widely known that a group of workers have been asking delegates to write in President Bush in the straw poll as a show of support for the President. It has now been told to me that those people, although they won't admit it, are working for Senator McCain. It has also been told to me that Senator McCain will ask for all delegates to write-in President Bush during his speech tonight. Please note, Senator Lott, that this is more along the lines of fixing a poll. Quite astonishing, to tell you the truth, in that Senator McCain would certainly have much to gain by Frist losing this poll.

Derrick Bennett, candidate for the 9th District Congressional seat being vacated by Harold Ford, Jr., stopped by Blogger Row and stayed for over 30 minutes. He was quite interested in blogs, and he sounds like a passionate, intelligent candidate, although he certainly is, as he puts it, a neophyte politically. I think he made a strong impression here.

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