Friday, March 10, 2006


SRLC - 12:19 P.M. CDT

We made it - and in a time much faster than what Mapquest said it would take us (as usual). We showered, shaved, and now look presentable enough to pass for professionals. The VOLConWife - who is going to be assisting me greatly in this blogging experience - is out hunting sandwiches while I sit here on "Blogger Row" with a few of the other bloggers, including AlphaPatriot and Mick Wright. The speeches are set to start shortly, and several of the big hitters, including MA Governor Mitt Romney, TN Senator Lamar Alexander, and U.S. Senator Norm Coleman, are in the first group.

Within fifteen minutes of being here, I had already rounded up Lamar Alexander (who was apparently entertaining the Journalist Formerly Known as Chris Matthews and Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Ron Ramsey. The place is crawling with political "A-listers," and many of the delegates have been seen with pro-Frist stickers.

The interesting rumor right now involves Rudy Guiliani. FoxNews was reporting this morning that Guiliani was set to speak here this weekend, but that is news to us. He is not on the program. RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman was interviewed on FoxNews, and he didn't correct the anchor when Guiliani's name was brought up. Blogger Row is somewhat skeptical, so we'll see.

Am I the only person in Tennessee who, at this point, would rather vote "none of the above" than vote for Bill Frist?
Frist is going to kill in the straw poll. I'm guessing 70%.
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