Thursday, March 30, 2006


More on Bestiality???

Bestiality must be a bigger problem than I imagined. First came yesterday's post regarding Washington's reaction to the growing problem in their state. Now comes word that Arizona is set to take up the issue - again.

I have to ask why Arizona's law that made bestiality illegal was repealed nearly 30 years ago. Did the pro-bestiality lobby convince state legislators that this was an infringement of their civil rights? Seriously, how did this happen?

Some of the testimony by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio before an Arizona House Committee is startling:

Arpaio said he was unaware of the gap until a recent incident involving a Mesa deputy fire chief accused of having sex with a sheep.

The sheriff said he decided as a matter of policy to reject applicants who had sex with animals — something he said shows up on polygraph tests — even though they technically were not breaking the law.

“We even have candidates for our jobs. We rule them out,’’ he said. “Why? Because of having sex with animals. It’s not as isolated as you may think it is.’’

Stunning. Simply stunning.

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