Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Main Street Journal

There are two recent articles of note over at the Main Street Journal. First, Jonathan Lindberg has a wrap-up of the Madison County Reagan Day Dinner from Saturday night (one that is significantly better and more informative than the one TeamGOP published that suffered from too many tangents and not enough facts). I hope to have my round-up of Grainger County's Lincoln Day Dinner up after lunch.

Also, Mick Wright has some early thoughts on the Southern Republican Leadership Conference that starts on Friday in Memphis. Mick will be blogging from the conference as well as attending the event as a participant, as will I. Based on a recent e-mail from Nancy French (who will also be serving both roles as a blogger-participant), there are shockingly few bloggers covering the SRLC, and, of those, half are liberals. I'll have more on this as we grow closer to the long weekend.

I'll be there too in both capacities.
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