Friday, March 17, 2006


Friday Rant of the Day

This was an easy choice - Donkey Cons goes off on a whining liberal.

Of course, the source of his ire probably doesn't understand his criticism, more than likely because she probably doesn't understand such concepts of personal responsibility and individual consequences. They tend to beat that out of you at UT-Austin and Harvard Law. However, as Mr. McCain would probably agree from his post, they can always remedy such things at the University of Parris Island.

Did you read her blog?

She writes intelligently about tax and fiscal policy. I've never seen anything nearly as substantive to you. Even disagreeing with some of her conclusions, I see that she is thoughtful person contributing to the discussion constructively.

Nothing indicates that you have personal knowledge of this woman. How can you possibly say she knows nothing of personal responsibility and individual consequences?

You need a reality check.

SC -

Yes, I did read posts on her blog, and, yes, I still agree with Donkey Cons.

The post that raised McCain's ire is at the address below. Where is her trumpeting of personal responsibility?

Interesting that you want a "reality check," as I was thinking that neither she nor her defenders are living in the real world.


Here's what people like that don't want you to know: You don't HAVE to make 200/month student loan payments if you can prove you don't make enough to afford $200 a month-but nevermind that reality. This young lady just needed something to gripe about.
That's true... It's called "LIP," Low Income Protection plan...
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