Saturday, March 11, 2006


Day 2 - SRLC - 3:33 P.M. CST

Again, I find myself on Blogger Row after more speeches. Myself, the VOLConWife, AlphaPatriot, and Mick Wright just voted in the Hotline Straw Poll. It was an interesting ballot. First of all, you could vote for a first and second preference on the GOP side. That was a good thing for me, because I was a bit torn between two candidates. Second, you were to vote for the Democrat that you thought would win your state's primary. Dismayed by the choices (Gore, Clinton, Bayh, Edwards, Clark, etc.), I wrote-in Zell Miller.

I then was lucky to attend the Bill Frist press conference after his speech. It reminded me of why I am glad not to be a journalist, especially after getting hit in the head with a boom mike and having FoxNews' camera man leaning on me while standing on one of the Peabody's tables. Unfortunately, Senator Frist had little to say at the press conference. He began by thanking all of the media present, as they would help capture the excitement and passion of the Republican Party to all of those who could not attend. Frist then answered questions about the straw poll (and gave nearly identical answers to the professional journalists' questions as he gave yesterday to this amateur). However, when pressed, Frist admitted that he of course wanted to win a poll in his home state and that he hopes to do well. He also stated that he was proud to have lived up to his promise of only serving two terms in the Senate.

More to come...

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Rob...please indulge us...who did you vote for?
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