Saturday, March 11, 2006


Day 2 - SRLC - 1:30 P.M. CST

I'm back on Blogger Row after attending Ed Bryant's event upstairs and lunch with the group supporting Mitt Romney. Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, another prospective 2008 candidate for the White House, is shaking hands and posing for pictures right across the room from our table here. I didn't get to hear his speech this morning - simply too many things to do and not enough time to do it - but I have been told that it was fairly impressive. If possible, I will try to get a word with him in a few minutes.

Jeff Ward from TeamGOP also just stopped by. He was sporting a "Mike Huckabee for President" button.

The Ed Bryant for Senate event upstairs was a bit disjunct, to tell the truth, due to it being over a two hour period. Bob Corker's event yesterday, while it might not have been as well attended, was more organized. I did manage to speak with Senator Brownback, who has officially endorsed Ed Bryant, prior to his having to take a call from his wife. I see why he and Ed get along so well. Besides being housemates in D.C., their personalities and convictions are near mirror images. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn was also there and said a few words.

I saw blogger Adam Groves and blogger Mick Wright at the Bryant event. Adam was on "Hardball" last night with Chris Matthews (yeah, I'm jealous), and Mick was interviewed by the local ABC affiliate here in Memphis. I have to admit that bloggers have been into everything here at the event, and it seems people have been fascinated with our activities.

The Romney event was extremely well attended, especially considering that it was at the Marriott Downtown, over 5 blocks from the Peabody. I estimate that between 175-180 people attended, and they weren't wearing just stickers (like all other supporters have been wearing). There were Romney shirts, hats, buttons - all with the Tennessee logo right in the middle. It will be interesting to see if this show of support carries over to the straw poll results tonight.

I just spoke with Mike Huckabee. He feels that his speech this morning went "great," but he isn't really interested in the straw poll results tonight. If I was a candidate, I wouldn't care that much either. It's fun for those of us not running, but it is highly insignificant in the long run.

I'm off to hear Frist speak. Back soon with updates...

I am envious-I have never had the opportunity to meet Senator Brownback personally, and I base my support of him on having heard him speak.

Everything I have ever heard him say on the issues that really matter the most impresses me. If he is as genuine live and in person as he seems when watching him on television or listening on the radio, we would be blessed to have him for a candidate.

Thanks for the great coverage of the conference
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