Saturday, March 11, 2006


BREAKING: Frist Wins Straw Poll; Romney Takes Second in Upset

Here are the results of Hotline’s Straw Poll from the Southern Republican Leadership Conference:

Bill Frist 36.9%
Mitt Romney 14.4%
George Allen 10.3%
John McCain 4.6%
Mike Huckabee 3.8%
Sam Brownback 1.5%
Rudy Guiliani 1.1%
George W. Bush 10.3%
Condi Rice 2.2%

1427 votes were cast. Out of his vote total, 81.7% of Frist’s votes came from Tennessee voters. Out of all voters from Tennessee, 42% chose a candidate besides Senator Frist.

A spokesman for Senator Frist, Eric Ueland, told reporters after the announcement of the results that Senator Frist was gratified for the hard work of his supporters and that that he was eager to continue the leadership of the party as time went forward.

I personally find the result disappointing...though I expected Frist to do better than not quite 38%.
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I'm disappointed, too. Frist is decidedly not presidential. I just can't see him burying the Constitution with the same firmness and resolve of our current White House.
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