Monday, February 27, 2006


What is up with "The Rep?"

Does anyone know what State Representative Stacey Campfield is up to? I haven't heard anything from him regarding a reelection campaign, although the Knoxville News Sentinel reported a few weeks back that he has primary and general election opposition and those challengers are raising money.

Plus, Campfield has yet to pick up a candidate petition, according to Brian's Blog. The deadline for filing a completed petition is April 16th, so Campfield has some time, although most candidates have made themselves known by now.

Is Stacey Campfield running for reelection? If he's not, does he plan to run for the Governor's Mansion? After today's announcement concerning my former boss, Fred Thompson, it is even more unlikely that Thompson is going to be the GOP's knight in shining armor against Bredesen (who is running ads despite no true opposition). Does Stacey fashion himself as that candidate? I believe that we will know soon enough.

MORE: David Oatney had a chance to meet Stacey Campfield recently and came away impressed.

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