Monday, February 13, 2006


TVA Putting the Screws to Tennesseans - Again

For the 2nd time in under 8 months, the energy monopoly TVA has voted to raise electricity rates - and it's not a small increase, either.

I'm not sure who raises my ire more - TVA or KUB (that's the Knoxville Utility Board for y'all from outside Knox County). They are both miserable government agencies functioning as private corporations. From my experiences, they care for the environment, but not the people who have to live in it. They care for the millions of dollars of bonuses they give themselves, but they have no problem in sticking to residents and businesses in the area. Their leadership has been nothing but a reward for past political favors, having little-to-nothing to do with actual leadership ability or experience with energy policy.

I actually have been frustrated with KUB for a good length of time. I certainly plan on speaking with the Bush Administration on their tactics, as they do nothing but discourage small business formation and growth through their endless deposits, higher rates for services which are the same as those provided residents, and constant confusion in their commercial customer service department. It matters not that Bush has done much to invigorate small businesses in this country when public utilities like KUB are doing what they can to pour cold water on that spark. Of course, they will bill you for that cold water, as KUB has basically tripled the cost of water and wastewater over the past year to make up for their past incompetence.

Is this going to upset many of my political friends? Yes, but the truth matters more than being liked.

Yes, I'm steamed...

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