Wednesday, February 22, 2006


To Mush or Not to Mush?

Glen Dean and his wife are celebrating their second anniversary today. Glen espouses here.

After reading that, I am torn. The romantic in me wants to congratulate Glen and sing the praises of his heartfelt missive. However, the frat boy in me would like to torture him endlessly on such a gross display of girlymanliness.

Since I have been known to spew sap all over the screens of my readers, I think I will let Glen have a pass today.

Heh! Thanks for the pass Rob. You know a post like that might get you a little temporary kidding from the guys, but think about what it can get you from the woman. :)

Pretty good trade-off, don't you think?
Glen -

Good point, my friend. Well worth the ribbing, I would think.


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