Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Thank You

I want to issue a message of thanks to my friends and fellow bloggers who have offered such kind words over the past week in regards to my possible entrance into the First District race. In particular, posts by David Oatney and John Norris Brown were appreciated, as were the comments by Brian Hornback and First District candidate Vance Cheek. The private messages from friends both within Tennessee and outside the Volunteer State - mostly volunteering their time for the campaign - have been overwhelming.

I had planned to make an announcement today, but after some discussions with a few people in the First District, I am going to put that off for a couple of days. (Thursday, as usual, is chocked full of work in the courts, so you won't hear much from me tomorrow.) Again, thank you for your patience and your prayers. Rest assured that both are much appreciated.

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