Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Jim Boyd Announces Candidacy for TN's 58th District House Seat

I received this press release (below) from Jim Boyd, an announced candidate for the 58th District's seat in the Tennessee House. Jim is a fellow ex-ETSU Buc, and from reading his website, he sounds like the kind of conservative that we need in the Tennessee House. Admittedly, this is a grassroots campaign against an entrenched career politician in Democrat Mary Pruitt, a member of the Tennessee Black Caucus that Rep. Stacey Campfield has helped expose as being ethically challenged.

But Jim is a warrior - literally. He is a former officer in the U.S. Army Reserve and currently a member of the Tennessee Army National Guard. The photo up top is an example of Jim in action. He certainly seems ready to carry the fight to Mary Pruitt and her liberal Democrat brethren, and he deserves the support of the conservative community.


Press Release

Jim Boyd announces candidacy
Contact Information: Jim Boyd (615) 255-7381

Monday, 30 JAN 2006
For Immediate Release

To the citizens of Nashville and Davidson County, my name is Jim Boyd. I am pleased to announce my candidacy for State Representative for the 58th District House of Representatives.

I want to serve all the people of this district. Check my platform at

I stand for ethics in government. I will limit government theft of private property under eminent domain laws. I will bring fresh educational and employment opportunities to our district. I will assist the truly needy secure healthcare while insuring government fiscal responsibility.

I have been a Tennessean for over forty-two years. I am a soldier and have been serving our nation for over twenty years. I have a degree from East Tennessee State University. I've lived in Downtown Nashville since 2002.

I advocate making Tennessee and the 58th District an 'Energy Research and Development Zone,' leading the nation in solutions to our energy problems.

I am against 'business as usual' in our State Legislature and support a 'none of the above' option on state ballots.

I am against a state income tax. I am an advocate of the First AND the Second Amendments.

It's time for a change in the 58th district.

William James (Jim) Boyd

We need action on Eminent Domain. We have talk.

Why is correcting Kelo a partisan issue?
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