Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Ex-Trooper Lost Job Due to GOP Support?

An ex-Tennessee Highway Patrolman told members of the Tennessee Senate's Transportation Committee that he was fired for supporting Republican candidates for office during the 2002 election cycle, according to a report in the Tennessean.

First, that's incredible. Having worked for the State last year, I can't say that I am surprised. My hiring was certainly a mistake - for anyone with my background to have been granted a position under the Bredesen Administration was shocking to Republicans across Tennessee. If anything, it shows the lack of scrutiny that was paid to the resumes of those selected to help clean up the TennCare debacle - something that we were then not allowed to do, by the way.

Second, kudos to Senator Jamie Woodson for taking center stage in the exposure of how Phil Bredesen works. It was Woodson and Senator Tim Burchett who brought the illegitimate review of ethics reforms by Bredesen's lobbyists to light last week. This week, Woodson is showing us another side of Bredesen's corrupt management. I can't wait to see what she unearths next, because one thing that Bredesen has proven is that there is always another scandal right around the corner whenever he is involved.

Third, why isn't this story getting more play with the media? The Tennessean is the third paper I have read this morning, and it was the first I have heard about Lt. Farmer. Where is the outrage amongst the media?

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