Friday, February 03, 2006


Ed Bryant Storms Across Tennessee

I had planned to have a complete rundown of Ed & Cyndi Bryant's complete tour of Tennessee yesterday, but JB beat me to it over at Blogging for Bryant. Please take the time to look at his post and read any of the extensive media coverage that is linked there. With Ed's phenomenal success yesterday in delivering his message to Tennesseans across the state, one has to wonder which other Senate candidate will be the first to attempt to copycat the Bryant campaign.

I did manage to move my court schedule to the afternoon and attend Ed's campaign stop in Knox/Blount County. The mid-week attendance was quite good, so much so that the event nearly couldn't be held in the Howard Baker Room due to the number of people there. Local media turnout was also noticeable (including Erica Estep of WATE and Scott Barker of the Knoxville News Sentinel - with my apologies to the other media reps, as those two just popped in my head), as were several supporters associated with the Home School Legal Defense Association. I would have pictures, but the digital camera fund is no where near optimum level. (Yeah, the $6.12 that I have earned with the Amazon and Google ads doesn't buy much of a digital camera these days...)

One sign that the event was very successful occurred when I returned to my car after court that afternoon. The lead story on WNOX's news break at 5:00 P.M. was Ed's stop in Knoxville. Given all that has happened this week - from the President's visit to federal courts working at the whims of the Ford family to all of the goings on at UT to school closures due to mold - Ed carried the day. It definitely put a smile on my face after a tough day in court.

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