Friday, February 10, 2006


BREAKING: Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner Postponed

The Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner scheduled for Saturday night has been postponed due to snow. Check out Brian Hornback's blog for more. Of course, now that the dinner has been postponed, we will certainly receive no snow, so there is no need to make the run to Food City for the required-by-state-law bread and milk.

I just called Jim Wheeler, Chairman of the Washington County Republicans, and their Lincoln Day Dinner scheduled for tonight is still on. I have also heard that Jefferson County's Dinner is still planned for tonight, as is Rutherford County's tomorrow night.

Stay tuned for more info. (OK, go ahead. Make your run to Food City. You know that you want to...)

Thanks Rob, :) Trust me, we have stressed that we will wake up in the morning seeing the green, green grass of home.

We would rather err on the side of caution. But I found your post absolutely hilarious.:)

Do I have milk, bread and eggs, check. But if I lose my power how will I cook all this food.

I may never ask for another February Lincoln Day Dinner, again.
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