Tuesday, February 07, 2006


A Belated Birthday

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Posted by Picasa

I was dismayed to discover last night during Alan Keyes' address at UT that I had forgotten that February 6th was Ronald Reagan's birthday. Reagan would have been 95 Monday. I have no excuse as to why I am so late in wishing the President a happy birthday. However, it is not lost on me that one of the great conservative minds of this day was the one who reminded me of the birthday of one of the great conservative minds of any era. I have been truly blessed when it comes to exposure to conservatives.

Family Research Council put out a release Monday on Reagan's birthday. It read in part:

Reagan's faith-based optimism transformed the conservative movement, the Republican Party, the United States, and the world. "Only by building ...a wall of spiritual resolve can we, as a free people, hope to protect our own heritage and make it someday the birthright of all men," Reagan said.

I miss President Reagan, but his legacy will live on in the conservative movement in this country.

MORE: WorldNetDaily has an outstanding Reagan profile in yesterday's posts.

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