Monday, January 30, 2006


Upcoming Liveblogging Schedule

There are two liveblogging events on the horizon.

First, this Wednesday marks National Signing Day, a pseudo-holiday for college football fans throughout the country. I usually spend NSD each year roaming from message board to message board, watching how each school is progressing on the recruiting front. This year, I have decided to do much of the same, but I will also provide blog updates on VOLuntarilyConservative whenever Tennessee grabs a commitment. I hope to publish a little piece on that recruit at that time (I follow UT recruiting year-round, so I already have watched enough film on the guys we are recruiting to have a feel for each one). I figured that this would be a good service, since ESPN isn't starting their coverage until noon and the local SportsTalk guys are always behind. Noon is too late, since most of UT's recruits have moved before 11:00 A.M. In any case, tune in Wednesday for a full day of UT fun.

Second, I am planning to make the trek to Memphis as one of the blogging contingent covering the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in March. There will be more on this to come, but I am looking forward to it. Nearly every serious contender for the White House in 2008 has already confirmed their attendance, including George Allen, John McCain, Haley Barbour, Bill Frist, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee. I know that Mick Wright of The Main Street Journal and Sarah Gentry of TeamGOP will also be in Memphis for the event. The trip is on a shoestring budget, but I am confident that a little elbow grease and sleep deprivation will make it work out in the end.

Best of luck to you on your trip to the conference. We'll be watching your blog closely.

Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to learning more about Governor Huckabee at the conference. From what I do know, he has quite a remarkable story.

For full disclosure, I am leaning towards Senator Allen as of this date, but the weekend in Memphis will have a big effect on which camp I join.


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