Friday, January 13, 2006


Tennessee Bloggers Targeted?

First Bill Hobbs disappears with little-to-no warning. Now Sharon Cobb leaves under even more mysterious circumstances, with a post that sounds like a John Lennon recording played backwards, with an actual photo of Lennon included? We've already lost Doc B and John Wait earlier.

Watch your backs, Tennessee bloggers! You could be next.

Hey, I'm not dead. I'm still alive and kickin' in the comments sections of various blogs. And I might return to my own blog someday in the future - but very likley not in the next 6 months.

Too many other projects to focus on. Oh, and something called a "job" that I have to go do 5 days a week.
I was gone, but as of Jan 1, have since returned to the blogging scene. I've decided that politics was taking up too much of my energy, but I am back to blogging on things I LIKE again.

You can find me at the old URL, or my new one at ...right justified
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