Friday, January 20, 2006


RSC Chairman Endorses Shadegg for House Majority Leader

Rep. Mike Pence, Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, a group of solid conservative House Republicans that includes Marsha Blackburn, issued the following Colleague Letter yesterday morning endorsing Rep. John Shadegg for House Majority Leader:


January 19, 2006

Dear RSC Colleague:

Two weeks from today, the Republican Congress will face a choice of enormous significance in the life of our nation and our majority. As chairman of the Republican Study Committee, it is always my goal to take action, with deliberation, in the best interests of our members and the conservative movement.

Out of respect for the fact that members of RSC would be supporting a variety of candidates, I had intended to withhold any endorsement in the race for Majority Leader. But given the addition of a prominent RSC member to the field and given that many members have already expressed a preference, it has become clear to me that an earlier, personal endorsement is now appropriate.

My choice is John Shadegg. While I see Roy Blunt and John Boehner as conservative men with honorable records of service in Congress, I am proud to endorse John Shadegg for Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives.

John Shadegg is a proven conservative leader in Congress. During his years as chairman of the Republican Study Committee and the House Policy Committee, John Shadegg has demonstrated a passion for the conservative agenda and a heart to build bridges between the diverse members of our Republican conference.

John Shadegg is a son of the Republican revolution, a member of the fabled class of 1994, and a leader who has never lost his zeal for reform. John Shadegg knows what fiscal and moral reforms are necessary to restore public confidence in the integrity of our national legislature. Now, more than ever, we need leadership with the energy and vision to steer this Congress back to our roots of fiscal discipline, limited government and traditional values.

John Shadegg is the right man with the right agenda to lead our majority during the challenging days that lie ahead. I humbly urge all my colleagues to support John Shadegg of Arizona as our next Majority Leader.


Mike Pence
Republican Study Committee


This is sure to please the blog coalition that is supporting Shadegg. From what I have seen, momentum certainly seems to be in the Arizona congressman's favor. Personally, I support the movement to have some fresh, untainted blood in the GOP leadership. Shadegg certainly fits that criteria, as do some other names that have not been mentioned as of yet. Hugh Hewitt seems to agree that Shadegg's star is rising, and he believes that the openness of this formerly-closed process can be greatly contributed to the Blogosphere.

Not to be a downer, because I think Shadegg's right on the issues, but it was well known on the Hill that he left his wife for a staff assistant. That same staff assistant was promoted over others in the office to be his chief of staff. I realize that everyone makes mistakes and deserves forgiveness, but everyone also has to live with their mistakes.

I would hope that Republicans could find a Majority Leader who's right on the issues and a man of character.

Draft Mike Pence anyone?
JB -

Well, that's the main reason that I didn't sign on to the Shadegg petition, but I have no problem with him based on the business-end of things.

Unlike so many others (both in Congress, Tennessee, and in Knox County), Shadegg has at least represented - and not just campaigned on - conservative ideals, and he didn't sell his soul for the sake of his office (as everyone involved with the Abramoff scandel did). I'm not convinced that his competition can say the same thing.

Like I intimated, Shadegg may not be the best choice in the Congress for the position, but he looks to be the best one running.


Wife leavin' staff assistant cheatin' "...but I have no problem with him based on the business-end of things"

OK, what's the business end, passing Constitutional Amendments to protect marraige?

The conservatives should adopt a new slogan, something like:


S Carpenter
S. Carpenter -

You make a good point in that Shadegg would have a hard time trying to sell people on any marriage legislation given his previous failures (which, it appears on its face, seem to be mostly his fault). That certainly is a consideration when electing leadership. However, as I stated previously, he appears to be the best candidate in the race, and since someone has to be elected, we need to back the one closest to ideal.

Of course, I say "we," but that is a bit presumptuous, isn't it? Your comments make me doubt that we are on the same side.


I'm for honor and America. We on the same side?

SC -

If you're a liberal, I question both of those claims.


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