Wednesday, January 04, 2006


On-line Witnessing and Writing about the Truth

In my Sunday School class at Immanuel Baptist, we often speak of how hard it is to witness to nonbelievers in the world, whether at work or other places. Ron Shank has a great post about a chance encounter with a person over instant messaging which turned into a witnessing opportunity.

As Ron shows, it's tough to do, but witnessing is always possible.

MORE: Jeff Harwell, who writes the always interesting SouthTennBlog, has a fantastic post regarding the truth and the theory of evolution. His argument is very well thought out and researched, exposing some of the incredible leaps that the judge in the Pennsylvania case (see here) had to make in order to justify his decision. Read the whole thing.

As some you may have noticed several days back, SouthTennBlog was added to the blogroll. Jeff's posts are always worth reading, and what he adds to the Tennessee blog community is needed. Plus, he's the only blogger I know in Taft, so that's got to count for something.

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