Friday, January 06, 2006


Hilleary won't return guilty Abramoff funds

Blogging for Bryant has a great rundown of Van Hilleary's poor decision not to return tainted funds donated to him from the newly-guilty Abramoff.

Of course, you know that I am relishing the corrections of Hilleary spokeswoman/amateur election law expert Jennifer Coxe. I was once told that the golden rule of being a spokesperson was never speaking about something about which you know nothing. Apparently Coxe either never heard that advice or was given some really awful legal advice. Either way, it's just another notch in a campaign that is looking more bungled than Hilleary's 2002 bid.

By the way, how is that debate with Jane Fonda going, Van?

This was shameful. You will stop at nothing to smear Van. His campaign is not bungled. And you attacks on Jennifer--which we already know are rooted in your personal biases.
Charles -

Would you care to diagram that last sentence? Do they still teach that skill in your high school?


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