Friday, January 20, 2006


Democrats and Their Allergy to Ethics Reform

David Oatney, who has moved up my personal ladder of the Blogosphere from "read every so often" to "read daily," has an excellent analysis of why nothing has come from the special session in Nashville dealing with ethics.

I certainly agree with David that streaming video of the General Assembly is a fantastic idea. Unfortunately, I also agree that the likelihood of that occurring is next to nothing, and that the reason for that conclusion has everything to do with the potential turnover - on both sides of the aisle - if Kurita's proposal came to pass.

Of course, I could be wrong on that last agreement. According to Brian Hornback, as of 8:02 P.M. Thursday night, no one had picked up a petition to run against pretend-Republican Tim Burchett for his seat in the Tennessee Senate. Maybe apathy makes incumbents completely invulnerable. (And before the e-mails and comments start pouring in like usual, I will not run against Burchett, as I don't live in his district, and I am no carpetbagger. I have tried to recruit a few people who do live in his district to run, but they have declined.)

Rob you do me a great honor,sir...I am very glad you have taken reading my thoughts each day.

An allergy is a good way to describe it. While Democrats have an allergy, Republicans have yellow bellies. I dearly wish someone like Brian Hornback would speak up in an effort to get State Republicans to have more spine. I suspect his position as County Chair makes that impossible.

Were I ever chosen for that position, the State people wouldn't be able to get me to shut up...
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