Friday, January 13, 2006


2006 Senate tidbits - and BEWARE OF THE CHICKEN!

First, it is good to hear that Andrew Shulman has joined Ed Bryant's campaign staff as Press Secretary. I worked with Andrew on Capitol Hill, and he is a fantastic press secretary and a tireless worker. The biggest asset he brings to this campaign, though, is a great sense of humor. The way that this race is going - with a member of Tennessee's most notorious families running, a candidate who is scared to death of the vulnerable Governor, and a politician best known for calling the current Senate Majority Leader a "cat-killer" - he's going to need it.

Second, it is disappointing to read that Jeff Ward of TeamGOP has endorsed Hilleary. It's not at all surprising, and actually lends credence to some of the criticisms that have been lobbed at Jeff for his previous coverage of the race. Jeff's a good guy, though, and his previous contributions to conservatism should not be questioned in the least. However, I do offer this warning to Jeff - even the best people, when exposed to not-that-great people, are stained. I hope that it's Jeff that rubs off on Van's campaign staff and not the other way around.

Third, I heard a funny rumor that Jim Henry's old chicken supporter has been resurrected and is tracking down Bob Corker. As you may recall, Henry drafted the chicken into duty, having him follow around then-gubernatorial candidate Van Hilleary for refusing to debate Henry during the 2002 GOP primary. Now Bob Corker is basically doing the same thing by refusing to debate conservatives Ed Bryant, Van Hilleary, and Jeff Moder at the end of the month. Apparently, the chicken is pissed at being called into action during the cold winter months to chase down another candidate, so if you see him (picture below), keep your distance.

Fourth, congratulations to Eric Watson (R - House District 22) for his decisive victory over Democrat Sally Love in the special election to replace disgraced Rep. Chris Newton in Bradley, Meigs, and Polk Counties. Ed Bryant had invested considerable time and staff to assisting Eric, and it is great to see the best possible result come from such efforts.

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